Portrait Workshop, Photography 101 & Rome Tours

Coming in 2018– a West Coast workshop collaboration based out of Fox Island (Tacoma – Seattle) focused on perfecting portrait narratives in native surroundings- on location in urban and natural settings. 

I’ve been fortunate to have learned from, and shot with, a wide variety of professionals and artists in a number of different fields related to visual communication. The very best teachers never hold back- their tips, tricks, or their playfulness.

Rather than teach, I just like to share. This approach allows me, as coordinator, to set the foundation for an authentic and collaborative learning experience. Each of us has a unique vision, so we inevitably approach the same scene with different eyes. Whatever photographers share when they learn and shoot together comes out looking different. From absolute beginner to superstar, we all have a distinct interpretation of what makes a powerful image; what sets images apart is application of technique (lighting, composition, narrative) refined over time, study, and practice – that is, how you use the photographic tools in your tool chest.

I like to discover from my workshop or class participants where their photographic focus is: nature, portrait, street, or even Instagram imagery. From there we construct how to make the image fit the project its author has in mind.

This might all sound somewhat general, but when it comes down to it and we need to decide if closed loop or butterfly lighting would make a stronger statement in an image meant to be used on social media to raise political awareness, rest assured, I will become very technical.


Workshops can be with a single individual or with a lively group from 2-20! 

It’s a fun idea to schedule for a gathering of moms (a portrait workshop on taking beautiful children’s photos) for example.  Here are my top workshops:



Learn to capture the essence of a person through the distinct art of portraiture. You will learn the entire process of taking a great portrait: how to set up a shot; how to select clothing, props and background; techniques in making the sitter comfortable; lighting and final editing.

Prices begin at $150 
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If you’ve never picked up a camera before, or have a nice camera and don’t know how to use, or just would like to know how to frame, this is where to start. You will learn about lighting, composition, and how to make your camera do what you want (bring that manual!). Best of all, you will learn to capture memorable images that reflect your style and personality.

Prices begin at $100
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If you’re in the Eternal City, I provide workshops specifically in and around the most beautiful sites in collaboration with Rome Photography Workshop. In this 2-3 hour walking workshop, we discover Rome’s gorgeous landscape, ancient and modern, through your lens.  Please visit the site of Rome Photography Workshop to book this workshop with me!

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