My passion and study of photography is deeply entwined with my love of people. I love to see people light up when they talk about something they adore, as well as the struggle that reveals the depths of their soul.

Photography is my way to honor and empathize with this human experience. I offer all I’ve learned to my clients.

For more than a couple decades I’ve worked and studied in a variety of roles in the photographic arts.  I’ve worked in a black and white lab developing film and printing, and at various studios including my own.  I’ve led photo tours through Rome.  Portraits, figure, and weddings have all left deep and heartfelt impressions on me. Teaching photography and visual communications at university level in Italy was also quite the experience.  And certainly not least, I’ve photographed children and gotten them smiling at a giant Easter bunny at the mall.

photographyThat said, for me photography is about developing rapport and connection so people are comfortable enough to reveal themselves for the image.  The eyes don’t lie- and that’s what makes a beautiful photograph.

I’ve traveled a fair amount and lived in a few very interesting places. Born in Tacoma, in the lush green of the Pacific Northwest, I’ve lived in the Middle East in Jordan, England, Taiwan, and Rome, Italy. Traveling Japan, Russia, and Europe has deepened my global esthetic, but the essence of true beauty comes from that special light in the eyes.

Beyond that I’m a mother of two wild and wonderful daughters and wife to the best man I’ve ever met. Knitting is my yoga, and I love to work with my hands. I have taught CPR and First Aid for as long as I’ve done photography, alongside my dad who is now a retired firefighter. I also have my Master’s degree in Public Administration- with a specialty in statistics and involving citizens as partners of the government in the decision making process.

I’m a Libra after all.  I love to find and create beauty, harmony and functionality everywhere my curiosity leads me.